National and test free resources Ph.D


Persian Language and Literature

Resources for Ph.D. in Persian Language and Literature


Ph.D. Resources Political Geography

Ph.D. Resources in Geography and Urban Planning

Ph.D. Resources Geography and Rural Planning

Resources for Ph.D. Geomorphology

Resources for Ph.D. Science and Technology

Ph.D. Distance Testing Assets and Geographic Information Systems

Arabic literature

Arabic Language and Literature Ph.D.

Economical science

Ph.D. Economic Sciences Resources

Resources for Ph.D. Oil and Gas Economics

Physical Education

Ph.D. Physical Education Management Resources

Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education

Ph.D. Student Resources Physical Sports Pathology

Ph.D. Student Resources Physical Education Movement Behavior

Physical Education Physical Exam Biomedical Physics Exam Resources


Ph.D. Resources of Islamic History

Resources of the Ph.D. in the History of Iran after Islam (History of Iran in the Islamic Period)

Ph.D. Resources of Iranian History Before Islam

social Sciences

Ph.D. Social Sciences Resources

Ph.D. Demography Resources

Sources for Ph.D. Social Work


Resources of Ph.D. Quranic Science and Hadith

Phd dissertation titles of jurisprudence and the basics of Islamic law

Resources of the Ph.D. in Religions and Gnostics

The resources of the Ph.D. in Islamic Civilization History and Civilization


Ph.D. Shafei Ph.D.


Phd dissertation Philosophy

Phd dissertation resources of logic philosophy

Phd dissertation resources of philosophy of science

women Studies

Resources for Ph.D. Student Studies

Islamic education

Ph.D. Islamic Azad University


the environment

Ph.D. Resources Environmental Engineering Water Resources

Phd dissertation: Environmental Engineering, Water and Wastewater

Phd dissertation: Environmental Engineering, Solid Waste

Ph.D. Resources Environmental Engineering. Air Pollution

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Medical Engineering Ph.D.

Ph.D. Resources Biomechanical Engineering

Ph.D. Biomedical Biomedical Engineering


Ph.D. Engineering Resources Resources


Ph.D. Petroleum Exploration Resources

Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering

computer engineering

Ph.D. Software Engineering Software and Algorithms

Ph.D. Student Resources Engineering Computer Architecture Computer Systems

Associate Proficiency Testing Ph.D.

Ph.D. Resources for Computer Networking and Computing

Information Technology

Resources for Ph.D. in Information Technology Engineering

Materials and Metallurgy

Resources of the Ph.D. in Materials Science and Metallurgy


Ph.D. Chemistry Engineering Resources

Ph.D. Resources in Biotechnology Chemistry Engineering


Nanomaterials Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Ph.D.

Nanotechnology Nanotechnology Ph.D.

nuclear engineering

Ph.D. Resources Nuclear Engineering Application of Beams

Ph.D. References Nuclear Engineering

Ph.D. University of Medical Sciences

Ph.D. Fusion Engineering Resources


Ph.D. Textile Engineering Textile Resources

Ph.D. Textile Textile Textile Resources and Fiber Sciences

Energy systems

Resources for the Ph.D. in Energy Systems Engineering



Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Resources in Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Power Engineering Power Resources

Ph.D. Controlled Electrical Engineering Resources


Ph.D. Resources Engineering Structural Engineering

Ph.D. Resources Engineering Earthquake Engineering

Ph.D. Resources Geotechnical Civil Engineering

Ph.D. Resources in Civil Engineering, Water Engineering and Hydraulic Structures

Ph.D. Resources Engineering Civil Engineering Road and Transportation

Ph.D. Resources in Civil Engineering, Coastal, Ports & Marine Structures

Ph.D. Resources Resources Civil Engineering Water Resources Management

Ph.D. Resources in Civil Engineering Transport

Ph.D. Resources in Civil Engineering Construction Management

Ph.D. Resources in Environmental Engineering


Geospatial Geodetic Engineering PhD

Ph.D. Photogrammetric Mapping Engineering Resources

Ph.D. Research Assesments Remote Sensing Surveying Engineering Resources

Geospatial Geographic Mapping Engineering Ph.D.

the mechanic

Ph.D. Materials Engineering Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. Student Resources for Solid Mechanics Engineering

Ph.D. Resources for Dynamic Mechanical Engineering, Control and Vibration

Phd dissertation: Mechanical Engineering Energy Conversion

Sea engineering

Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences

aerospace engineering

Phd dissertation: Aerospace Aerodynamics Engineering

Ph.D. Resources in Aerospace Engineering

Associate Professor Ph.D. Aerospace Aerospace Engineering

Ph.D. Resources Aerospace Engineering Flight and Control Dynamics


Ph.D. Resources Exploration Mine Engineering

Resources of Ph.D. in Mining Engineering

Ph.D. Resources of Mineral Processing Mining

Ph.D. Sources of Mechanical Engineering


PhD Polymer Polymer Engineering

Ph.D. Polymer Engineering


English Language and Literature Ph.D.

Ph.D. Translations Resources

Ph.D. Linguistics Exam Resources

Phd dissertation resources of ancient culture and languages (not available)


Ph.D. French Language Learning Resources (Not Available)

French doctoral resources literature literature (not available)

Russian Language Teaching Resources (not available)

German PhD Language Testing Resources (Not Available)

Exam Resources for PhD Studies in English